Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017 Annual B-SLUG Holiday Party December 10

Mark your calendars! The annual BSLUG Holiday Party will take place on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 10 at the artist loft of our very generous host, Cowell alum, Jill Hoy.

The party is a fundraiser** for the Smith Renaissance Society, founded by Cowell alumnus Bill Dickinson. The Smith Society provides UCSC mentors, scholarships, and collegiate resources to foster children, homeless and runaway youth, orphans, and wards of the court.

This year we have the unprecedented opportunity to help these independent students succeed. Every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar. Four lead donors have offered $200,000 in matching funds which creates the potential for dedicated perpetual funding for $1000 minimum scholarships, plus a research fellowship, for at least 20 Smith Renaissance Society students every year!

Donations at all levels are appreciated. However, Stephen Marino has 12 copies of his Above UCSC book and an unlimited number of Above UCSC calendars that he's making available to any B-Slug who donates $150 and a calendar to any who donate $100, whether or not they attend the holiday party Bill Dickinson will match up to $2,500. That would mean, if added to the existing match, if the B-Slugs raised $2,500 it would generate $10,000 of value!

In addition to being a fundraiser, the BSLUG annual holiday party is a guaranteed great time!

Thanks to the generosity of Jill Hoy, the festivities will be held at her lovely home Somerville, Mass. You'll not only enjoy the wonderful company of fellow UCSC alums, but also partake of delicious catered delights from Dave's Fresh Pasta in Somerville, surrounded by gorgeous works of art. Friends and family are also welcome. What better way to greet the winter season!

WHEN: Sunday, Dec 10, 4-7 p.m.
WHERE: Home of Jill Hoy (near Davis Square in Somerville, Mass.)
RSVP by Friday, December 1

Email Beata for directions, car-pool arrangements, or any questions or call 617-491-3871

**All tax-deductible donations received go directly to the Smith Renaissance Society. Contributions, large and small, are most welcome. Suggested donation: $15-25 per person. Larger donations will also be much appreciated by the Society.

Checks should be made payable to: "UC Santa Cruz Foundation" and write in the memo line: Smith Scholarship Endowment

Mail checks to: Beata Panagopoulos, 28 Maple Ave., Apt. 3, Cambridge, MA 02139-1130. You will receive a receipt directly from UCSC.


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