Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BSLUGS Raise Almost $1000 for Smith Renaissance Society - to be matched!

Update on the BSLUG Holiday Fundraiser for the Smith Renaissance Society we raised $952 which will be matched by Smith Society founder and Pioneer Class Slug, Bill Dickinson.  (This amount includes any matching donations by employers.)

Thanks to each and everyone of you for reaching deep into your pockets to give!

The holiday party hosted by Jennifer Anderson was a wonderful success.  It was a relaxing chance to catch up with each others lives.  The plentiful dinner of burritos and salad from Herrera's was delicious; Zoe Rath's delicious cookies and the hot apple cider hit the sweet spot.  Thank you, Jennifer, for opening your lovely home to us and making us all feel welcome!

The BSLUG Board wishes you all a very Happy New Year and hopes 2014 brings much prosperity to UC Santa Cruz!