Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're Almost There - Help Us Raise $1000

For those of you who were able to attend, you know that the holiday party at the Suzmans' was fabulous! The previous day's snow had created a winter wonderland effect - together with the smell of hot mulled wine, burning logs in the fireplace, fresh scones straight out of the oven and myriad other desserts and sandwiches, there was no better place to hang out and enjoy the company of fellow Santa Cruz alums.

Due to the enormous generosity of Mary Jane and Peter Suzman, we were able to make the party a fundraiser for the Smith Renaissance Society. We raised $935 which will be matched by founder, Bill Dickinson, getting us a lot more bang for our buck.

Please help us raise the last $65 to get us to our goal of $1000. Send a check made payable to "UCSC Foundation" and write in the memo line: "Smith Society Operating Fund SS009F." Send it to me at the address below. You will receive a receipt directly from UCSC for your tax deduction.

ALSO please note: we are looking for a spring 2010 speaker. If you know of a UCSC professor or researcher who will be in the Boston area during the spring semester and who would be willing to give a talk for us, let me know! Or if you, yourself, would like to give a talk or put on some other type of event, that would be great too.

Don't forget to join our B-SLUGS Facebook Group.

On behalf of the BSLUG Board, Happy Holidays!

Beata Panagopoulos
28 Maple Ave., Apt. 3
Cambridge, MA 02139-1130
tel. 617-491-3871

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